PERMANENT MAKE - UP There is a cosmetic procedure aimed at permanent makeup. Permanent make-up made in excellent quality will make your face more expressive, accentuate the natural beauty, as well as it can be used to correct various facial imperfections, small scars or defects. The needle system is safe, comfortable, accurate and almost painless. An analgesic cream is used during the procedure. At the customer's request, it can also be left unused.
TRIHOPIGMENTATION - it is a camouflage of the scalp, part of the hair, where the hair does not grow completely or partially. Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) is a very advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation. Although similar to traditional tattooing, it has a different approach and methods.

Master: Ginta Šmite, + 371 29521241


  • "Magic shading" powder puffs by technique @sviatoslavotchenash
  • correction of other work (only with consultation before or sending your photo in daylight and without make up)


  • "Soft liner" technique / decorative liner with shading according to technique @sviatoslavotchenash


  • "Aquarelle lips" - watercolor technique for lips according to the technique @sviatoslavotchenash
  • lipstick effect

Scalp trihopigmentation / SPM:

  • restoration of the visual appearance of women and men in case of hair loss or thin, transparent hair

Camouflage / dermapigmentation of scars, stretch marks, vitiligo scars

3D areola micropigmentation

Tattoo and low-quality permanent makeup removal:

  • with Corona Fade Away suspension solution


A tattoo is a drawing that is tattooed on a person's skin. This is one of the most popular types of body modification. A tattoo means applying a pigment one millimeter under the skin with a special device called a tattoo machine. Tattooing is an art that exists in the world on both a primitive and a professional level.
Sketches on request:

  • black and white tattoos 
  • color tattoos (on request)

Master: Ginta Šmite, + 371 29521241


Manicure is mainly a cosmetic nail and hand beauty treatment at home or in a nail salon. Manicure usually consists of filing and shaping the free edge of the nail, pushing and trimming non-living tissue, procedures with various liquids, hand massage and application of nail polish. The most common type of nail care, suitable for both women and men.

  • gelish nails with strengthening
  • gel nails (prevention and extension)
  • manicure (female, male)

Nail master: Viktoria Kupca, +371 20429368


For anyone who wants to improve the appearance of facial skin, gives an immediate refreshing effect, toning and strengthening the face, nourishing and moisturizing.
When performing classic or apparatus cosmetology procedures, I use high-class professional cosmetics, the necessary cosmetic products and active substance serums are selected for each procedure, the client's facial skin type is evaluated in order to be able to offer procedures that suit you. Our body is like a subtle mechanism, if we take care of it and love it, it will be a big thank you in old age!

Master: Sandra Zatirka, + 371 29627332

  • mechanical cleansing and ultrasonic exfoliation of the facial skin
  • mesotherapy - a deep moisturizing treatment with dermapen
  • classic facial treatment with massage to improve blood circulation
  • bleaching procedure with fruit acids
  • facial anti-aging treatment with cosmetics Keenwell
  • microdermabrasion - an apparatus procedure
  • RF lifting procedure for the face with strengthening of the facial oval
  • RF lifting + vacuum procedure for the body - problem areas / anti-cellulite procedure
  • Cavitation - fat splitting procedure
  • Microcurrent therapy


  • removing excess facial hair
  • bikini, legs, arms, armpits, back
  • eyelash and eyebrow dyeing:
  • with henna
  • with chemical paint


  • day make-up
  • evening make-up
  • photo make-up
  • bridal make-up


The procedure helps to highlight and accentuate the natural beauty. The lamination procedure is compared to the SPA procedure, which strengthens and helps to heal tired and brittle lashes - the ideal solution for owners of straight or light lashes - the owners of these lashes will have the most noticeable effect of the procedure. Duration of the procedure 1 hour. The result will be noticeable immediately and the effect will last for up to 2 months. The eyes will look wide open, expressive and the lashes become bulky and dark. The materials and masks used during the procedure will significantly improve your natural lashes. After the procedure, it is necessary to follow the 24-hour regimen without the use of mascara, specially moisturize or rub the lashes, as well as it is recommended to care for the lashes daily with products that do not contain oil.

Master: Ginta Šmite, + 371 29521241


  • classic back massage
  • sports massage (full body or separate body areas)
  • full body classic massage
  • full body relaxing massage
  • anti-cellulite massage
  • honey massage

Massage improves general well-being, promotes recovery after physical and mental exertion, as well as sports, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improves blood and lymph flow, strengthens the immune system. It improves muscle function and tone, eliminates pain, swelling and tension.

Master: Jurģis Strēlis (future physiotherapist), +371 24420250
Master: Sintija Ozoliņa, +371 29707505